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Five reasons your business needs a local freelance copywriter

Five reasons your business needs a local freelance copywriter

Susan Julien Larimore
Local Business


About the Author

Susan Julien Larimore

Susan Julien Larimore
SJLwriter, LLC

Before she could even read, Susan Julien Larimore was scribbling on scrap paper, pretending to write. In second grade, she penned prayers. In fifth grade, she wrote and directed a class play. Throughout her teens, Susan filled blank journals with poetry. Making magic with words was her refuge then — later, it became her livelihood.

Susan started college as an English major but once she was introduced to copywriting in a marketing class, it became her passion. She graduated with a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University, spent 15 years as a copywriter at Sears Catalog in Chicago, three years as a fashion writer for Talbots in Boston, and 15 years as a writer and editor at Amway Corporation in Michigan. Five years ago, Susan established SJLwriter, LLC, a local freelance writing and editing business.