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West Michigan is a community rich in entrepreneurs who have built their businesses by valuing sustainability and doing the right thing. We define sustainability as being committed to the Triple Bottom Line of people, profits, and planet. Businesses that focus on this are dedicated to their social, environmental, and economic impacts. For example, West Michigan is second in the country for most LEED-certified buildings per capita. As we continue to develop as a region, we are committed to preserve and enhance this culture.

Because local businesses have a stake in their community, they bring more longevity and stability to an area. Typically, large businesses owners reside outside of the community and therefore have little reason to support it. Corporations with multiple locations may require talent moving out of the community in order to move up in their industry, creating constant turnover and little vested interest from those people. Large corporations relocate to different areas if a community is failing.

Local First encourages businesses to more deeply engage with their customers, their environment, and each other. We help them develop better practices in order to do more good and continue to return investment to the community. We envision a West Michigan filled with businesses that intentionally foster community, care for our environment, and build wealth for all. Furthermore, we look to create a West Michigan that is nationally recognized as having the largest number of B Corps in the country