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About Our Signature Events

Local First hosts a number of community-wide events and campaigns that bring people together to celebrate local ownership. Many of them look different this year, but we hope they still create joy in our community.

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Annual Meeting

Local First’s Annual Meetings kick off the year of our programming. We recap the previous year’s accomplishments and announce our intent for the future. It’s a great way to learn more about Local First, our mission, and how to support the local economy.

This event is hosted in Grand Rapids and Holland. Check the calendar to see if it’s coming up!

Fork Fest

Fork Fest is a celebration of the local food system. It provides the chance for the community to meet the person behind the meal and sample the best they have to offer.

This event is Local First’s largest fundraisers and takes place twice a year—springtime in Holland and fall in Grand Rapids. Each event showcases the unique aspects of each community. Check out our events calendar to see when the next one is coming up!

Holiday Campaign

The holidays can be a whirlwind for all of us. But family and friends always appreciate gifts that come from their neighborhood shops. During this time of year, Local First shines an even brighter light on our local businesses. Several of our members will have sales, incentives, and other activities. Keep your eyes on our member directory, blog, and social media for updates!

Independents Week

Independents Week takes place in late June/early July. Taking the opportunity to make another big push to shop local, we host unique promotional campaigns each year to highlight our local business community. Make sure to check our blog, social media, and member directory to see who’s participating.