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About Our Signature Initiatives

Local First hosts a number of community-wide initiatives that bring people together to celebrate local ownership. Many of them look different this year, but we hope they still create joy in our community.

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Annual Meeting

People First Economy's Annual Meeting kicks off the year of programming. We recap the previous year’s accomplishments and announce our intent for the future. It’s a great way to learn more about the Local First program, our mission, and the other initiatives that People First Economy is leading.

Move Your Money

Move Your Money puts the focus on the interconnectivity of local banking benefits and banking practices as a sustainability initiative that benefits a circular, place-based economy. A full picture of the initiative can be found at

Independents Week

Independents Week takes place leading up to the Independence Day holiday. Taking the opportunity to make another big push to shop local, we host unique promotional campaigns each year to highlight our local business community. Make sure to check our blog, social media, and member directory to see who’s participating.

Nourish Our Community

Nourish Our Community highlights ideas, resources, and partners that help build a stronger food system. We believe that nourishing our community means providing the ingredients necessary for growth, health, and equity within the food economy so that the environment, businesses, and local communities thrive.

Gift Local, Gift Good

The holidays can be a whirlwind for all of us. But family and friends always appreciate gifts that come from their neighborhood shops. During this time of year, we shine an even brighter light on our local businesses. Several of our members will have sales, incentives, and other activities. Keep your eyes on our member directory, blog, and social media for updates!