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Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Career & Resume Coaching Services

Neighborhood: City of Grand Rapids
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You may be looking for a job for multiple reasons. It could be a search for your first job ever,  dissatisfaction with your current job, a recent job loss, or a desire to get out of a dead-end career. 


Regardless of your role or level or skill, a job search can be a big chore and can get really frustrating pretty soon. Why? Because unless you have a clear strategy here is what typically happens: 


1. You waste hours of time applying at all the wrong places. Know that more than 70% of the jobs are NOT filled through job boards.

2. Your online resume submission rarely gets in front of the recruiters because of the ATS technology filtering it without you even realizing it.

3. Most of the jobs you feel you are qualified for get filled by others and you wonder why!

4. In the event you are lucky to get a call, you are told that you do not have enough experience or are overqualified.

Under these circumstances, does it make sense for you to work with a coach who can hold your hand, guide you on this journey with a clear map? Someone who's got 30 years of experience hiring thousands of people and training recruiters on where to go to find candidates like you. Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile at to look at why I might be qualified to help you.

This is what we offer. A coaching service that is personalized for you to help you with your short-term job search or long-term career planning. Having coached hundreds of people at all levels to excel in their careers in all kinds of companies, we are passionate about helping our local community members get to their dream jobs and career by teaching you How To. 

You will find that we do not stop with resume evaluation and writing, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation, etc. that others offer BUT teach you the specific strategies to be successful in your job search and meeting your career goals.

What every person needs is different. Therefore the best place to start is a free consultation with us. So please feel free to reach out NOW. 

Remember that your destiny is in your hands. We are here to help you get to your destination if you are ready to go on the journey! 

All the best and look forward to speaking with you soon!


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