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​Create a piece of stamped Jewelry for mothers Day.

Instructor | Alicia from Simple Sisters Handmade.

Join Alicia from Simple Sisters Handmade to make a special, handcrafted Mother’s Day gift for yourself or someone you love.

You’ll learn the basics of metal stamping as you hand stamp initials onto pendants of your choice and string them onto a high quality sterling silver chain.

Included in the class are access to all tools needed, practice pieces, three small pewter pendants, and a sterling silver chain. Additional pendants can be added for $5 each.

After you register, you’ll be contacted for your preference of pendant shapes and quantities, as well as chain length. This is to ensure ample supplies the evening of the workshop.

Class size is limited to 10 participants. Cost is $35

Those who come will receive a discount on their shopping that night if they choose to browse the store after they craft. We practice social Distancing and Face masks are required.


​- Hand Crafted Gift made by you

- Snacks

- Refreshments

- Special discount on shopping after the event. Only Valid during that time.