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What's a Localist?



Someone who regularly supports local businesses and actively tries to find new ways to shift their dollars locally.

How to become a Localist:
  • Use the member directory
  • Donate to our campaigns
  • Participate in our signature events
  • Recommend local businesses to your friends and family
  • Ask your employer to source from local vendors
What's a Localist?


The best way to start or continue being a Localist is by looking for the products and services you need in our local business directory. You can search by industry, ownership demographic, product, and service. Share with a friend to flex your Localist muscles!

What does “local” mean?

The businesses in our online directory are members of our organization. To be members, a business needs to be:

  • Locally Owned
  • Headquartered in West Michigan
  • Privately Held (not traded on the stock market)
  • Not a Franchise